• In Chennai, a gang of daredevil bikers are involved in numerous drug rackets, chain snatching, and murders. They are all members of Satan’s Slave, headed by Naren a.k.a. Wolfranga. With the exponential increase in such crimes pushing the police into a dilemma, the commissioner assigns this case to ACP Arjun Kumar IPS from Madurai, who is known for his peculiar way of handling justice; breaking one of the limbs of the accused so that they never repeat the crimes again. This attributed to the moral values instilled by his mother, and he is loved and respected by society. Arjun is the sole breadwinner in his family consisting of his mother, his drunkard older brother and his wife, his married younger sister and younger brother Ashok “Kutty”, an unemployed graduate. Ashok is constantly looked down by his sister’s in-laws – whose daughter he is in love with – for his unemployment, and this worries Arjun and his mother.
  • Collaborating with his partner and friend Sophia, Arjun soon finds the corpse of a man in a hostel whose friend had betrayed the gang and supplied the drugs to him. However, the latter hangs himself and burns the drugs. Arjun finds the man’s helmet in his room and finds out that he was a chain snatcher who had used a stolen bike purchased from an online classified store. Arjun and Sophia both figure out that there is a sequence of crimes, robberies, chain snatching and murders. These crimes are done by a biker gang. The bikes used in the crimes by the bikers had been bought from the same platform using stolen mobile phones and the dark net. Arjun deduces that all these crimes are done by the same organization. Arjun sends one of his colleagues, posing as a mercenary, to thugs retired from the drug peddling business to find out the kingpin behind the crimes. After finding out that Wolfranga is the leader, Arjun chases and fights him and the gang and arrests them, but to his shock, finds out that Ashok had also been involved in the crimes. En route to prison, the biker gang attacks the convoy, kills the policemen and aid Wolfranga to escape. Arjun tries to corner him, but he is hit on the head by Ashok, who escapes with the gang.
  • Arjun gets demoted from the case due to Ashok’s involvement, and the case is handed over to DCP Rajangam and IG Anbarasu, both of who are envious of Arjun. Unbeknownst to the department, Rajangam and Anbarasu are mules of Wolfranga and do not pay heed to the case. Arjun’s mother refuses food and drink out of guilt of seeing Ashok going astray, prompting him to take the matter into his own hands and solve the case himself. With Sophia’s help along with that of few trusted aides in the cybercrime department, Arjun captures one of the mules and asks him about the gang and how his brother got entangled into the dirty business; he reveals that Ashok had become acquainted to Wolfranga after he was humiliated in front of his family by his sister’s in-laws on his unemployment status and as a result refuses to marry their daughter to him. Wolfranga brainwashes him by saying that family is a selfish lot whose affection is merely a ruse to enslave their children to serve them in their old age. Wolfranga runs his business using unemployed graduates who have faced humiliations due to unemployment and as a result are motivated only by the desire that “money buys everything.” After fishing out the discarded stolen bikes from an abandoned quarry, Arjun is accoladed and is reassigned the case. Arjun and Sophia both plan to expose Rajangam and Anbarasu’s involvement with Wolfranga to the Commissioner. Wolfranga kidnaps Arjun’s family and holds them hostage and instructs Arjun to steal a metric ton of seized cocaine from the treasury to release them, but Wolfranga tells Rajangam to kill Arjun and pin it on Ashok and hand him the seized cocaine in the name of destroying them by burning. Wolfranga tries to brainwash Ashok into shooting his mother and loads a single bullet into a gun and tells Ashok that it is empty and asks him to pretend to shoot his mother in order to shake her selflessness, but realizing his mother’s love and her readiness to die for him, Ashok inadvertently shoots Sarah, Wolfranga’s lover. Ashok reunites with his family but is badly beaten and taken hostage as well.
  • Arjun successfully orchestrates a plan with Sophia by stealing the cocaine, baiting it and capturing both Rajangam and Anbarasu and the remaining mules. Arjun arrives at the hideout and finds Wolfranga. A fight ensues and Arjun emerges victorious; his team successfully hacks Satan’s Slaves server and redirects the bikers to the hideout. Upon arrival, they find Wolfranga dead, and are surrounded and arrested by the police force. At the station, Arjun advises the bikers that everyone has their own problems but the best way is to struggle and strive and that crimes are not the solution. He also inculcates the importance of the parents’ love for them and the pleasures they forfeited for their children’s sakes and releases them. The case is successfully closed and Arjun and the police force are applauded by the public. Owing to their efforts, the police organizes a program to rehabilitate youngsters from depression and drugs.


  • Ajith Kumar as ACP Arjun Kumar IPS
  • Jack Robinson as young Arjun Kumar
  • Kartikeya Gummakonda as Naren a.k.a. Wolfranga
  • Huma Qureshi as Sophia
  • Gurbani Judge as Sara
  • Sumithra as Arjun’s mother
  • Uma Shankari as Arjun Kumar’s young mother
  • Raj Ayyappa as Ashok a.k.a. Kutty, Arjun’s younger brother
  • Dhruvan as Amith
  • Achyuth Kumar as Kothandam, Arjun’s drunkard older brother
  • Sunaina Badam as Arjun’s younger sister
  • Vaishnavi Chaitanya as Roshini
  • Shah Emtiaj as Roshini’s Brother
  • Dinesh Prabhakar as DCP Rajangam
  • G. M. Sundar as IG Arasu
  • Pearle Maaney as Christina
  • Chaitra Reddy as Latha
  • Selva as a police officer
  • Pavel Navageethan as Selvam
  • Pugazh as Success Balu (special appearance)







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