Cast: Achyuth Kumar, Arulnithi, Chenthu Mohan, Chetan, Harwin Ram, Kali Venkat , Madhubala, Maria Vincent, Mime Gopi,      Ragav Vijay, Smruthi Venkat, Supergood Subramani

DirectionArvindh Srinivasan 


Cinematography: PG Muthaiah 

Deja Vu has Arulnithi starring in a thriller again. Actors being typecast might give a sense of boredom. But Arulnithi in a well-made thriller is always a joy to watch.

The plot begins with a writer who writes down a sequence of events before they actually happen. Is he really able to foresee the future or is it all a lie?

The film answers this question in a gripping manner.

The story does take its time to settle in. But once it does there are no speed breakers till the end. The choice to let out songs ensures that film doesn’t slow down at any point.

Ghibran done the background score further enhances the mystery around the proceedings. He keeps the suspense and the tension alive with his music.

Though there are twists till the very end the lack of emotional connection with either of the victims is a major negative. You don’t feel the tension that a major character in the film feels for a missing person.

Despite these negatives it is a very promising debut for Arvindh Srinivasan who shows a lot of potential in his first film. Letting go of the unnecessary commercial elements and the songs is a bold move by a first time filmmaker. Thankfully it works in the film’s favour.


4 / 5
4 / 5
3 / 5


Dejavu is a watchable thriller with twists and turns

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